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Fr. Canada
Title: Tong An Film Studio City Review
Tong'an Film Studio City is a palace built in the style of the Forbidden City (Imperial Palace) in Beijing in style of ancient times with the Gate of Heavenly Peace, Hall of Supreme Harmony and Summer Palace.

It is a nice place to visit ONCE and i stress only once.
Entry fee is about 30 rmb per person.

The first time i went there i had a nice time taking photo's and videos with friends. But the last time i went there was for the Shanghai expo was a complete rip-off and after that I swore i would never return there again. They cheated us by providing false information so we would enter the grounds then displayed half-built displays and large photos of what it should look like. After 10 minutes we seen it all and the rest of the area was the same Beijing display that I have seen several times before. Oh and they also charged us extra because of the Shanghai displays.

In short, if you have not been there before then you might have a nice time. But once is plenty.


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