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How to use new WOX forum pages starting 15th May 2011

Updated: 2011-05-23
WOX has made certain changes to its forum pages such as Classifieds, Yellow Pages, Real Estate Page and Jobs Page. Starting May 15th, 2011, these forum pages are no longer free for businesses and those who use them for commercial gain.
However, postings by PRIVATE individuals on the ASK Page, Jobs Page and Real Estates Page remain unchanged. Members with at least 250 points or has registered for at least 3 months are free to ask any question, request or post any ad for private transactions. These include private sales, advertising to share an apartment or room, looking for an apartment, or looking for a job.
Classifieds and ASK Pages
1. All advertisements on the Classifieds Page will incur a service fee.
2. WOX members who wish to make private sales, other private transactions or simply ask to purchase anything can post their personal ad on the ASK page. WOX will moderate these postings. While WOX will mostly keep these postings on the ASK Page, however, some may be moved to the Classifieds Page or other pages WOX feels necessary.
3. Any ad posted by businesses or commercial bodies on the ASK Page will be removed.
Yellow Pages
All advertisements on the Yellow Pages will incur a service fee.
Real Estate page
1. All property postings or ads either for sales or for rent will incur a service fee.
2. The services are free for WOX members who use them for private purposes. You can POST questions of renting needs, about housing, etc. without having to pay any service fee.
3. Any ad posting by unauthorized businesses or commercial bodies will be removed.
Jobs page
1. Ad postings of job vacancies and looking for employees will incur a service fee.
2. This service is free for job seekers. For WOX members, you can simply POST your ad on "Ask a job".
3. Any ad posting by unauthorized businesses or commercial bodies will be removed.
Those businesses or commercial bodies who wish to advertise or post any information to WOX forum pages can send your request to or call +86-592-5128682. WOX can help you to set up an authorized user account, and access then will be simple.
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  By  Celine