Mohd Shah Saemin, Malaysian consular driver killed in Sydney over minor crash

Updated: 23 Feb 2010
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Mohd Shah Saemin



Terrifying ... this woman screamed at the attackers to stop


HUMBLE Malaysian consular driver Mohd Shah Saemin's nightmare began with a minor car accident. Within moments he was beaten and stabbed to death.


Road rage was just one motive being investigated by police, who yesterday interviewed witnesses to the 43-year-old's murder in Marion St, Leichhardt.


A woman showed police, using a detective lying on the footpath as a model, how one of two attackers repeatedly bashed Mr Saemin around the head just metres from the front door of the boarding house where he lived.


Ian Duly heard yelling out the front of his home just after midnight yesterday and rushed out to find Mr Saemin lying in a pool of blood.


"There was a lady with him, she was hysterical," Mr Duly said.


Police praised the woman, who tried in vain to stop the murder by screaming at the attackers: "Get off him, don't touch him."


"Horror - watching someone being killed in front of me. The two guys bashed his head with a hammer," the woman told Channel 7.


Detectives believe Mr Saemin was in a minor traffic accident moments before he was killed.


Acting Superintendent Shayne Woolbank said road rage was "one possibility" under investigation.


"We believe the victim had just returned home - we don't know where he had been beforehand - and as he got out of the car he was approached by two males," he said.


"We believe there may have been a traffic accident between a black sedan and the victim's car shortly before the attack occurred."


Two men in dark clothing with curly hair and olive skin were seen running down Cromwell St after the attack.


Mr Saemin's colleagues at the Malaysian Consulate in Bellevue Hill said he was a quiet, peaceful man. He had lived in Australia for about 10 years and had been at work on Saturday, driving to Newcastle, Consul Dr Mohd Nasir Abu Hassan said.


He said his driver was a "very close friend".


"He did not talk much, but he was well liked," Dr Abu Hassan said.


"This is a very tragic time for all of his friends. He was always good to me."


Mr Saemin had a modest room in a boarding house and neighbours Joanne Cassidy and Gregory Lander said he was quiet and polite.


"He was always with a girl," Ms Cassidy said.




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