Xi Li Ge or Brother Sharp, a homelss man in Ningbo becomes internet sensation

Updated: 03 Mar 2010
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Meet Xi Li Ge or Xilige - the so-called hottest homeless guy in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
More pictures of Xi Li Ge, the so-called Beggar Prince in China. Click to enlarge.
Does this man look like a beggar to you?

This is a picture of a homeless guy who has been roaming the streets of Ningbo, Zhejiang province in China.

With his tattered clothes, lost gaze and dirty locks, he is now one of the most searched-for figures on the Internet, reported

Since the first picture of him was posted on the Internet a week ago, he has since gained a following and was elevated to a celebrity status.

Adoring netizens have gushed over his look and even compared the way he dressed to the bohemian styles modeled by fashion icons and celebrities.
His lanky frame was said to rival the models, while that unfocused gaze had been described as "deep and penetrating".
Xi Li Ge VS. 2010 D&G Autumn/Winter men's collection 
On top of that, there are those who gushed that he resembles Asian heartthrobs such as Zhang Zhen, Takeshi Kaneshiro and even Oscar-nominated Japanese actor Ken Watanabe.

A woman from Taizhou, Jiangsu, even claimed that he was her long-lost husband.

Dubbed Xi Li Ge (or Brother Sharp) by the netizens, the homeless man first gained popularity when his picture was uploaded to the Internet, by someone who accidentally photographed him while trying out a camera in a shop.
Those who have met him said he stands at 1.73m, aged around 36 years old and is always spotted with a cigarette in his mouth or between his fingers.

Apart from being the latest icon on the Internet, he acts no differently from any other homeless guy - one that seems to be suffering from mental disorder, that is.

Witnesses said they saw him laughing to himself, while at times he was seen clad in female attires.

Those who are in the know claimed that he was a university graduate that lost his mind after his girlfriend left him.

Curious netizens from other areas have poured in to Ningbo trying to catch a sight of him.

And thanks to local media's coverage, the story about Xi Li Ge has even spread to as far as Japan.

The Ningpo government was soon alerted about the situation. Its spokesperson said the local government is concerned about Xi Li Ge.
"It's the local government's responsibility for everyone to experience the kindness of the people in this city," he said, adding that Ningbo is famed for its reputation as a city with passionate inhabitants.

"We will continue to care for the homeless guys. This is an essential part of the development of a civilised city," concluded the spokesperson.
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edgecity Commented on 04 Mar 2010
There are more about xilige(Brother Sharp)