Xi Li Ge or Brother Sharp, real name CHENG Guorong finds his way home

Updated: 06 Mar 2010
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Cheng Guorong, the "Brother Sharp" leaves for home with his brother and mother
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Xi Li Ge, Xilige, also known to be China’s “Beggar Prince” , a homeless guy who has been roaming on the streets of Ningbo City, east China’s Zhejiang province, has become the latest “fashion icon” after his photo was first posted by a Ningbo resident on the internet Jan. 30, 2010.
Netizens gushed over his stylish clothing and good looks. His photo even showed on the UK newspaper "The Independent", in which he was described as “a starkly handsome Chinese man walking with a model's measured gait, and wearing a rag-tag but well co-ordinated overcoat on top of a leather jacket. His eyes peer into the middle distance, in what one fan described as 'a deep and penetrating way', and he strides confidently forward."
Xi Li Ge’s identity remains a mystery until yesterday (Friday), when Cheng Guosheng, a migrant worker in Taizhou, went with his mother to the Ningbo Psychiatric Hospital to meet Xi Li Ge and there he recognized that Xi Li Ge was his long-lost older brother. 
Cheng Guosheng, Xi Li Ge's brother (left) and their mother (right)
Xi Li Ge, whose real name is Cheng Guorong, was born on Oct. 10, 1976 and hails from Boyang County, Shangrao City of Jiangxi Province, according to his brother, who said they had lost contact with him after he left home for work 11 years ago.
”I was quite sure that he is my long-lost brother when I saw the video on the net,” Cheng said, adding that his brother has two children aged 11 and 12. The second child was just born when he left home. Unfortunately, his wife and father both were dead in a traffic accident after he left home.
At the Ningbo Psychiatric Hospital, the attending physician said Xi Li Ge has a certain physical capacity but was in a poor spirit. “He needs further observation to check if he has mental illness or psychological diseases,” the doctor said, adding that Xi Li Ge had slept and ate well since he was sent to the hospital.
After being persuaded by the shelter staff, Xi Li Ge wrote down his and his father’s name on a piece of paper: Cheng Guorong, my father’s name, Cheng Guangnan.
“Now I can confirm that he is my brother who has been separated from us for more than 10 years!” said Cheng Guosheng in a choking voice, while his mother also shed tears.
The hospital staff hopes Cheng Guorong can stay in hospital for treatment. “He might have mental illness and we hope to help him recover before he leaves for home”.
However, Cheng Guosheng insisted to bring his brother home, “Maybe home is the best healing place for him after 11-year-long wandering life”.
Around 3:00p.m., Cheng Guorong left the hospital with his brother and mother.
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