Fantasy or nightmare, phobic Danielle Vincely can ONLY have sex in the open air

Updated: 21 Mar 2010
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NIGHTMARE: Danielle Vincely (photo: Bradley Page)
SEX in the open air sounds like every lover's fantasy - but for Danielle Vincely's fellas it's a nightmare.

For thanks to a bizarre sexual phobia that's the ONLY place she can do it.

"Guys love it at first," admitted 24-year-old Danielle. "They think it's kinky making love under the stars in the woods, on beaches, park benches and car bonnets. "But after a while they get annoyed, especially if it's raining, and dump me. Men like a quick romp inside on the bed but I just can't bring myself to do it.

"It's not like I haven't tried. I just can't do it indoors without freaking out. I feel like I'm being choked and about to pass out.

"But sex on the forest floor with the sweet smell of pine cones is a real buzz.

"Up against a tree is good too - but I've scratched my back on the bark a few times!"

Shopgirl Danielle has suffered the problem since the first time she had sex at 18, indoors with boyfriend No 1.

"I'd dreamed my first time would be perfect and romantic but I hated every moment," she recalled. "I felt panicky and wanted it to be over.

"Every time we tried was a disaster, until one day we had a drunken cuddle in the park and suddenly I felt amazing. I'd never had an orgasm before and the feeling of climaxing around Mother Nature was out of this world!"

Danielle's Portsmouth GP tried to cure her indoor hang-up with anti- depressants. "But I'd rather continue sex outdoors than become dependent on drugs," said Danielle.

"I know people think I'm weird but I've given up caring.

"Some people are scared of spiders, others of heights - well, this is my phobia and I'm learning to deal with it the best I can."

Fabulous magazine's sex expert Catherine Townsend said: "Danielle is suffering a very extreme reaction to her first sexual experience with someone who made her feel smothered. Her best bet is counselling.

"She could be conditioned from alfresco sex to a partially enclosed area then eventually indoors. Meanwhile she just needs supportive guys who will help her enjoy sex on her terms."

Anyone for an open relationship?


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