Ticket prices of Fuzhou-Xiamen bullet trains confirmed

Updated: 19 Apr 2010
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The Fuzhou-Xiamen bullet trains are set to serve passengers on 26th April.
The ticket prices of Fuzhou-Xiamen bullet trains have been confirmed, the Fujian Southeast Express reported.
There are two kinds of seats, first-class seat and second-class seat. The prices are as follows.
1). Fuzhou-Xiamen (about 1.5 hours)
- 103 yuan for first-class seat
- 85 yuan for second-class seat
2). Fuzhou-Putian (about 50 minutes)
- 39 yuan for first-class seat
- 32 yuan for second-class seat
3). Fuzhou-Quanzhou (about 70 minutes)
- 64 yuan for first-class seat
- 53 yuan for second-class seat
Compared to the ticket prices (100-105 yuan) of the Fuzhou-Xiamen long-distance buses, the ticket prices of bullet trains are more favorable. Besides, students will enjoy 25% discount.
It will only take about 1.5 hours to travel from Xiamen to Fuzhou by bullet train, about half of the time needed by long-distance bus.
On 12th April, the Beijing-Fuzhou bullet train (D372) ceased operation due to poor demands, only two months after it was put into service. The unused bullet train will serve passengers along the Fuzhou-Xiamen High-speed Railway.
Facility design on the unused bullet train is people-oriented. Liquid crystal television (LCTV), air passenger seat and induction switch will be available on the train. 
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xinwenman Commented on 19 Apr 2010
Xiamen to Fuzhou for 85 Rmb is reasonable consider the time saved during the journey. Way to go!!!