Woman's rape lies led to Olumide Fadayomi's life in hell & another man kills himself

Updated: 25 May 2010
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Medical student Olumide Fadayomi, 27, was cleared of rape by the jury in Sheffield UK within 45 minutes. He was wrongly accused of rape after sleeping with the unnamed woman


A jury at Sheffield Crown Court cleared Fadayomi of rape after taking just 45 minutes to agree a verdict


AN INNOCENT man today spoke of his "hell" - after being falsely accused of rape by a woman whose lies drove another young man to suicide.

Shocked jurors who cleared Olumide Fadayomi of rape after just 45 minutes of deliberations gasped and broke down in tears as they were told his accuser had previously made up the same allegations about another man, who went on to kill himself.

Despite falsely crying rape twice, the 21-year-old South Yorkshire woman cannot be named in The Star for legal reasons, and her anonymity must be protected.

But the second victim of her lies - Nigerian student Olumide, aged 27 - today spoke out about the ordeal he has been put through, saying he too contemplated suicide.

"My life has been hell for the past seven months," the Sheffield Hallam University student told The Star. "I thought about taking my own life."

The woman claimed Mr Fadayomi attacked her in his shared house on Lister Road, Walkley, Sheffield, after she met him while 'tipsy' in a city centre nightspot last October.

She pretended she tried to push him away and told him 'no', and even claimed one of his housemates walked in on them and told Mr Fadayomi: 'Get off her - she's telling you no.'

But one of her friends, who was also in Static nightclub on West Street the evening the pair met, told Sheffield Crown Court the woman danced with and kissed Mr Fadayomi, boasting: "I'm going to have his body tonight."

And jurors heard from two of Mr Fadayomi's housemates, who both denied going into his bedroom during the 'attack'.

The woman later told her friend she was plotting to accuse Mr Fadayomi of rape and bragged: "He's not going to get away with it. I've got evidence this time."

Jurors took only three quarters of an hour to reach their unanimous not guilty verdict.

Afterwards, Judge Patrick Robertshaw told the court the woman had accused another young man of rape 18 months before the claim against Mr Fadayomi.

"There was a previous allegation of rape made by this complainant - who of course enjoys the full benefit of anonymity," Judge Robertshaw said.

He explained the case never reached court because it "was lacking in credibility" - but revealed: "The young man, when facing that allegation, committed suicide."

And in an attack on the Crown Prosecution Service, Judge Robertshaw said the case against Mr Fadayomi should never have gone ahead.

"The evidence did not and was never going to prove rape," he said, adding "the prime overriding consideration" in the CPS' decision had been merely that "the complainant wished the case to go ahead".

"It was little short of a craven abdication of responsibility for making an independent and fair-minded assessment of the case," he told the court.

"It's quite astonishing these decisions are made by those who simply do not have experience of what happens in Crown Court - because they never come into Crown Court.

"They sit behind desks in offices and make the sort of decisions that result in this sort of trial taking place."

Giving evidence Mr Fadayomi, now of Holywell Road, Brightside, told the court the woman had agreed to sex willingly.

"She came into the bedroom, held me and kissed me," he said. "Sex took place, she never told me to stop, and neither did she resist. I didn't force myself on her in any way.

"Afterwards we held each other and looked into each other's eyes."




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