China's No. 1 face model on the internet 'born' in Xiamen

Updated: 21 Jun 2010
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 Cui Xueyuan (middle) and the other two models
 Wu Wei (吴韦), Fang Mengyi (方梦夷) and Cui Xueyuan (崔雪源)
What kind of human face is the perfect one in the eyes of Chinese internet users? Last Saturday afternoon on 19th June 2010, the curtain for the final of the “PBA ‘The No. 1 Face Model on the Internet’ Contest” has successfully fallen  in Xiamen.
After voting from the internet and selecting by the judges, undergraduate 21-year-old Cui Xueyuan from Ji’nan City, Shandong Province won the title.
Fang Mengyi from Sichuan University of Science & Engineering won the second place, and Wu Wei from Shanghai won the third place.
A face model belongs to body parts models. It requires models to have perfect skin and face. A face model is often involved in shooting photos or films which only show off her upper body or just face.  
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