Jixing Causeway closed for reconstruction, 16 buses routes adjusted

Updated: 28 Jun 2010
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At midnight last Saturday, the Xiamen Jixing Causeway (集杏海堤) began to be fully closed to traffic until the first day of 2012, due to the Jixing Causeway Reconstruction Project. 16 buses routes will be adjusted accordingly.
Xiamen’s Traffic Police set up signs warning no entry to the Jixing Causeway during the 18 months’ reconstruction. This closef off areas lie to the east of Yuanboyuan Expo Garden (园博苑), and to the west of Jimei Triangle Zone.
This reconstruction project will officially kick off at the end of next month. According to this project, Jixing Causeway will be renovated into a scenic road with six traffic lanes, one bicycle lane and one sidewalk in the near future.
For Passengers:
Sixteen buses routes have been adjusted. Buses: 51, 51B, Xia52, 53, 201, 202, 617B, and 66 will get in and out of Xiamen Island through the Xinglin Bridge (杏林大桥).
The original route of Bus Ji6 (6) from Xinglin Xibin (杏林西滨) to Jiageng Gym (嘉庚体育馆) will be changed into Xinglin Xibin to Westgate of Yuanbo Garden. The new route of Buses: Xia69, 802, 58, Ji3, 401, 402, and 410 will pass through Xinglin-Bay Road.
For Drivers:
Drivers of Xinglin-Jimei, Xinglin-Xiamen, Xinglin-Yuanbo Garden, Jimei-Yuanbo Garden, Xiamen-Yuanbo Garden cars or buses must take a detour to reach their destinations.
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