1st typhoon of the year forecast to hit Xiamen this month

Updated: 06 Jul 2010
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This year's first typhoon that is forecast to affect Xiamen will most likely 
to form over West Pacific Ocean and land in Xiamen
in middle or late July, according to Xiamen Weather Bureau.
Xiamen is likely to be affected by this year's first typhoon in middle or late July as the city has enter typhoon season, forecasts the Xiamen Weather Bureau on 3rd July, 2010.
This years typhoon comes quite late compared with previous years. Statistics show that the first typhoon in Xiamen oftens appears in May, June, or even April the past few years.
However, it is already July now, but there is still no typhoon that have approached Xiamen. This years typhoon will arrive at least one month later than before.
The Xiamen Weather Bureau also forecasts that the temperature would stay hot, until the subtropical high moves to north in middle or late July, and a typhoon will probably be formed over the West Pacific Ocean at that time. 
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