A house in Xiamen 'sieged' by sewage, window becomes only entrance

Updated: 24 Jul 2010
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The house is surrounded with sewage.
Landlord of the house has to get in and out of the house through the window. 
A residential building in Xiamen has been surrounded with sewage since 18th June, 2010. The landlord has to get in and out of the house through the window, so relevant personnel have taken measures to solve the problem, reports Xiamen Daily.
The house is located on Fuyao Road, in the Xinglin area, Jimei District of Xiamen. Surrounded by smelly sewage with rubbish floating on it, Mr. Dus house has become a paradise for mosquitoes.
As the first floor of the building has been flooded with dirty water, Mr. Du, the landlord, can no longer enter his own house through the door. He has to walk through the wooden board which is connected to the window.
To solve the problem, Mr. Du asked officials of the Xinbin Street Office for advice. With their help, a construction contractor has promised to clean up the house for Mr. Du, and then ask the epidemic prevention station to help disinfect the house as soon as possible.
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