Xiamen man survives after swallowed fishbone pierces thru heart

Updated: 19 Aug 2010
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A young man in Xiamen suffered from high fever and chest pain for more than three months after a swallowed fishbone penetrated into his heart, reports
He had recovered after doctors of the Fuzhou General Hospital removed the sharp 3cm fishbone from his heart.
Three months ago, Cheng Liang went to a seafood restaurant where he accidentally swallowed a fishbone during the dinner. He felt his throat was hurt but the pain soon disappeared.

However, things went bad the next day as the 20-year-old started to develop a high fever and suffered from chest pain.
Cheng was sent to the Fuzhou General Hospital in late July where he was diagnosed as infective endocarditis and needed to accept heart mitral valve replacement surgery as soon as possible. 
However, when the doctors cut his chest open and looked into his heart, they were shocked to find a sharp and long fishbone stuck in his heart valve.
It is reported that this was the first case of a swallowed fishbone penetrates into heart in China and it was also rare in the world. "He is very lucky to survive." said Dr. Zeng Zhi Yong who performed the operation for Cheng Liang.
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