Indecent billboards of 'Sister Feng' spark debate among Xiamen netizens

Updated: 26 Oct 2010
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Luo Yufeng, the girl on the billboards
Recently, 10 billboards were erected in front of Mingfa Commercial Plaza in Xiamen, which has sparkled hot debate among Xiamen citizens and netizens, reported
Its common to see huge advertising billboards in Xiamen. However, it may be too shocking to enjoy them this time.
Luo Yufeng, a Chongqing girl, is famous on the Internet for her vulgar behavior and words and has been nicknamed Feng Jie (Sister Feng) by netizens. She takes pictures of those advertising billboards which are obviously too sexual to be put in public places.
I am shocked by the racy billboards placed in front of Mingfa Commercial Plaza, they are too vulgar, said a citizen.
Many comments were posted on the Internet as the netizens heard that Luo Yufeng is coming to Xiamen on Oct 30th in a bid to make an advertisement for the advertiser, a public entertainment place in Xiamen.
The wolf is coming, The billboards are too vulgar, and we have to keep our kids away from being scared by them, Typhoon Megi has been driven away by Luo Yufengs upcoming arrival in Xiamen, said the netizens.
However, the advertiser claimed that there were people who made appointments to see Luo Yufeng in person. I believe that the number of people who will make appointments to see Luo Yufeng will increase in the following days, said a staff member of the public entertainment place.
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