Family to sue Xiamen First Hospital for 8-month baby boy's death

Updated: 30 Oct 2010
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Dingding, a smiling angel.
Recently, a medical dispute regarding a 8-month baby boy's death in Xiamen First Hospital has aroused many peoples heated discussion. Dingdings family still finds it hard to accept the fact that their baby boy who only suffered from an ailment at first, ended up dead in the hospital, reports.
In the afternoon of Oct 24th, Miss Chen took her son, Dingding, to Xiamen First Hospital. After diagnosis, a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Su said that Dingding was only suffering from hernia and he conducted the manual reduction without taking an X-ray. After that, the doctor claimed that Dingding was fine and there was no need for him to be in the hospital for the night.
However, Dingdings situation got worse shortly after the manual reduction. After taking an X-ray, Dr. Su told Dingdings family that their babys intestines were broken and the baby needed a surgical operation at once.
Again, after the operation, Dr. Su claimed that the operation was very successful and that Dingding needed first class nursing care for he was still in critical situation.
Dingdings body temperature remained high after the operation. Nevertheless, when it was about 3 a.m., Dingding started to breathe with difficulty. Dingdings mother tried to get the doctor, but the nurse didnt call the doctor or even went to check on Dingding.
Chen didnt find Dr. Su until it was 7:30 in the morning. Several doctors then rushed to rescue the poor baby after he had suffered for over 4 hours without any doctor to check on him. At 10a.m. on Oct 25th, Dingding was pronounced dead after all the rescue measures to revive him were futile. 
The baby boys families were devastated by the unexpected news. Meanwhile, they want the doctor and hospital to take full responsibility for this tragedy.
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judycwh Commented on 30 Oct 2010
Honestly, i feel that most Chinese doctors are terrible. I only came across one that is nice. Chinese pediatrician???? Just for nurse works like measuring heigh, weight and stuff like that. Want a good pediatrician? Look for a Taiwanese doctors in Chang Gung. They are great.