Car sex official sues police for causing his impotence in Linyi, Shandong

Updated: 04 Nov 2010
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(From - October 23, 2010, at around 9 pm, when a policeman was patrolling Phoenix Plaza along Yizhou Road, Linyi City, east China's Shandong Province, he saw a parked black Santana rocking and swaying. When forcefully opened the car door he saw a man and a woman, naked in the car, the front seats were leaned all the way back, tissue paper and red bull cans on the back seat. After interrogation, the man named Li Jingwei turned out to be one of the leaders at the Linyi Highway Bureau in charge of the State Highway 206 Yihe Bridge toll, the woman was his subordinate staff.
Two of them admitted that they were having sex at the time. Li Jingwei also confessed that he and his 13 other female subordinates have the same kind of sexual relationships, and he also has 2 illegitimate children. Li said the main reason of him engaging in such behavior was that his wife cheated on him first.
Funny thing happened a couple of days later after they paid the fine and left the police station. Li Jingwei soon found himself appeared to be impotent, the doctors diagnosed him with impotence caused by psychological reasons. Li thought that his condition was a caused by the policeman dragging him out of the car naked in public; therefore the police should compensate him. Calculating with the rate of average 200 yuan per sexual intercourse, under normal conditions he should be able to have 5000 more sexual intercourses in his lifetime, the police should pay him 1 million yuan in compensation.
Recently, Li Jingwei formally filed his claim to relevant department. The matter raised some heated local discussions. Many people think that the improper sexual relationship between Li and his female subordinate was not prostitution, also did not directly obstruct the society, therefore the police should have been more humane when dealing the matter. Forcefully dragging two of them out of the car naked in public was not proper, which seriously affected their physical and psychological health therefore should pay the compensation. (Above names are pseudonyms)
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benny19 Commented on 08 Nov 2010
200 yuan per sexual intercourse, is that rate based on current domestic prostitution/mistress rates or is it calculated from the international accepted price rate of human pleasurable activities index?
tckw93 Commented on 04 Nov 2010
This is hilarious