Young Taiwanese girls go pantless for one day on subway in Taiwan

Updated: 21 Feb 2011
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First in New York, then in Chicago, and now it seems 'No Pants Day' has hit Asian shores as young Taiwanese girls decided to go pant-less for one day, and ride the subway in their panties.
The no-pants subway ride is annual event first started in New York City, by Improv Everywhere - a comedic performance art group which carries out pranks or 'missions' in public places to celebrate silliness.
Popular among Western countries, the only Asian country that participated in the event last year was Tokyo, Japan. This year, Taiwan is the new addition to the 2011 list. 

A reader, who saw the video of the mission in Taiwan, wrote into STOMP. He said: "I would love to see be on those trains the girls are on!
He added: "Wonder if it would happen in Singapore, but I doubt so."
Interview with male bystanders
The first interviewee said he was a bit shocked when he saw a crowd of pant-less hotties in front on him. And the second interviewee said he thinks they are HOT! In the video, with one of the model said, she felt comfortable rather than cold when only wearing underwear travelling on subway.
Why are the girls only wear underwear on the subway? Actually, those are some Taiwanese models who were invited to join a campaign called “No Pants Day”, held by a sporting brand called ‘Reebok”, in which those 20 models are required to wear underwear only.
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