'Some chewy balls made from plastic': Xiamen bubble tea shop apprentice

Updated: 08 Jul 2011
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Milk Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk Tea, as we know, contains a tea base mixed with fruit (or fruit syrup) and/or milk. However, Su, who has worked in a milk tea store of Xiamen for two years, said, “It consists of various food additives only,” reports Straits Herald.

"The small chewy balls in the tea are made of plastic instead of tapioca starch.” he added, “They even used tap water and not pure water in some stores.”

According to Su, the total cost for a cup of bubble tea is less than 1 yuan, including cost of labor. “You can make 60 cups of tea with only 1000g "bubble” and 1000g cream, of which is worth 23 yuan in total”, he added.
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ChinaTopCat Commented on 09 Jul 2011
Whats the punishment for people who harm peoples heath?
Nightcat Commented on 08 Jul 2011
It's a nice revelation from a somewhat brave staff member, but at the same time as is usual with many food safety/quality alerts in China, no brand or tea shop is mentioned. Obviously no news site wants a libel case, but if it does turn out to be true, the unlucky drinking at said shop will just continue drinking the additives with no knowledge. The government isn't exactly going to do much either.