3 passengers injured, falling from escalator at Xiamen BRT Station

Updated: 05 Oct 2011
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 3 passengers were injured in the escalator accident at the Xiamen Railway BRT Station
The injured: Mr. Gong (right) and Mrs. Zhu
Three passengers were injured in a sudden fall from an escalator when taking the up-escalator at the Xiamen Railway BRT Station on October 3, and the cause remains unknown, reports Xiamen Daily.

Mrs. Zhu, who injured her right hand seriously in the accident, said the slip down from the up-escalator caused the accident.

"My husband suddenly fell down on me when we were two or three meters up. I tried to support myself with my right hand, but it hit on the iron step edges." said Mrs. Zhu. Her husband Mr. Gong, hurt his back in the accident.

"The elevator did not stop after we fell, it seemed like the elevator backed and then upped again." said Mrs. Zhu.

"We rushed to the scene after the accident happened and helped them dress the wound. We also offered to call the hospital, but they refused." said a staff of the Xiamen Railway BRT Station, who helped after the accident.

According to the staff, a total of six people were on the escalator when the accident happened and three of them suddenly fell off the escalator, with an old man seriously injured .

Another staff of the Xiamen Railway BRT Station said they checked the escalator after the accident and not fault was found.

"A female citizen witnessed the whole accident and in her report to the police she said, 'A man in front fell off and hit people behind him, causing the accident.'" said the staff.

The staff said the man in front may have fallen off because he leaned against the escalator when taking it.
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