Int'l football exchange to get a boost in Xiamen, 1st Amoy Cup to kick off

Updated: 09 May 2012
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The first Amoy Cup will be held at the People’s Stadium of Gulangyu Island on 23rd June, 2012
The history of international football games in Xiamen is set to be changed as the first Amoy Cup football tournament is to be kicked off on 23rd June, which coincides with the Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Festival.

It will be a historic moment for international friendship between Chinese and foreign football players in Xiamen, as there will be 8 football teams from Xiamen and 2 teams from other cities. Each team is composed of both Chinese and foreign players.

The 7-a-side tournament will be held at the People’s Stadium of Gulangyu Island, a popular tourist destination renowned for its exquisite natural beauty, ancient relics, and varied architecture.

The Amoy Cup is initiated by the Xiamen International Football Club, which has been committed to promoting the football games among local people and expats community in Xiamen since its foundation in 2007.

The Xiamen International Football Club has gathered both amateur and professional football players from different countries of the world. In the past few years, the players' common enthusiasm for football has been boosting the fast growth of the game in Xiamen.

The history of Xiamen football can be dated back to 1898, when Xiamen Ying Wa Football Team, the first professional football team in Xiamen was founded. The football team belonged to Xiamen Ying Wa School, which was founded by an British missionary on Gulangyu Island and later become the Xiamen No. 2 Middle School. During that time, the Ying Wa football team played with foreign players at Gulangyu People's Stadium and attracted lots of local islanders.

The People's Stadium in Gulangyu was built on 14th October, 1956, based on an old tennis court called Fan Zai Qiu Pu (番仔球埔), which was particularly used by foreign residents on Gulangyu Island before 1949. The stadium has been formally recognized by the Chinese Football Association as the earliest documented official football pitch in modern China.

With the first Amoy Cup to be held in Xiamen this June, the football game in Xiamen will undoubtedly boost the international relationship between the local and expat community will be enhanced.
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