Pregnant mother and 6yo daughter caught by Xiamen police for shoplifting

Updated: 12 Jun 2012
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The mother and daughter thieves captured by a camrea installed at an electronics store in SM

A woman who used her 6-year-old daughter to commit theft in SM Shopping Mall and SM Lifestyle Center was recently caught by Xiamen Police along with the underage girl, reported Xiamen Evening News on Monday.
A 4 minute video recorded by a camera installed at an electronics store showed the mother talking with the shop assistant to attract his attention while the little girl sneaked into the staff room and hid a tablet computer in her dress. 
The police clocked them, and waited at SM city square for their next appearance. They were caught by the police when they showed up at SM Shopping Mall again on Saturday. 
A police officer responsible for the case said the woman, surnamed Gao, is a Shanxi native and is 2 months pregnant. The girl, 6, is her daughter.
The two confessed that they usually hung out in SM I and II, looking for easy targets. They usually stole mobile phones and tablet computers in electronics stores and then sold them. They were found guilty of 5 shoplifting cases. 
Due to the special circumstances, the pregnant woman may be released on bail and the underage girl will not be investigated for her criminal responsibility, a lawyer said.
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heminator Commented on 13 Jun 2012
SHAME on you
Button Commented on 12 Jun 2012
So, because of her being pregnant, she will not be punished??
Great, then she can start sticking things into the pram when the baby arrives.
Penny_XM Commented on 12 Jun 2012
That's too bad!!!
W00ki33 Commented on 12 Jun 2012
Agreed. Fail parent.
freebird Commented on 12 Jun 2012
i think the child should be taken into child welfare services custody or something. this woman isn't fit to rear a child.
Canada Commented on 12 Jun 2012
terrible to teach one so young to cheat and steal.