Military missile or meteorite? Mysterious UFO spotted in Xiamen sky

Updated: 27 Jul 2012
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A photo of the UFO snapped by a photographer from Binhai Avenue in Xiamen's Tong'an District on Tuesday evening
Many Xiamen residents reported seeing an unidentified flying object flying through the sky at high speed on Tuesday evening, according to Wednesday’s Xiamen Economic Daily.

A citizen surnamed Wang, who was walking on Dongpu Road at around 19:25 pm, said he saw the rocket-like UFO flying from south to north, blazing changing flames on its tail.

"The object flied above the cumulonimbus clouds at a pretty high speed, but there was no noise. At first, I thought it was fireworks, but then I noticed there were color changes on its tail, and its speed was getting faster and faster,” said Mr. Wang.

Many posts about the UFO turned up on Sina Weibo, the popular microblogging platform in China, that day, and many netizens in nearby Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Zhejiang Province and Shanghai also reported seeing something similar.

Some netizens speculated that the object might have been a military missile as they saw a blue flame at its tail.

An expert at the Xiamen Meteorological Bureau ruled out the possibility that the phenomenon was caused by unusual meteorological conditions or abnormal changes in the clouds when he was consulted by a reporter, as viewers said it was seen in the sky for only ten seconds. The expert suggested it could have been fireworks or military testing.

A technology website editor suspected that the object could also have been a meteorite based on the description.
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freebird Commented on 02 Aug 2012
foo fighters! they're real. and they rock
Canada Commented on 02 Aug 2012
my vote is for military aircraft.
SpeculativeBubble Commented on 29 Jul 2012
It's a bird! ... It's a plane! ... It's superman!!!
fritz Commented on 29 Jul 2012
nothing mentioned about possible aliens in this article. Chinese don't believe in that at all?
malzki Commented on 28 Jul 2012
I think this is the same object that I saw in our balcony but cannot remember which day of this week. I only saw it for a few seconds before it was covered with gray clouds. At first I thought it was the moon but no, then maybe an airplane but too bright for its distance. :)
Shafeiya Commented on 27 Jul 2012
don't know, wht to think... yellow page?