Xiamen unveils first batch of 37 five-star public toilets

Updated: 06 Aug 2012
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A five-star public toilet near the scenic Yundang Lake

Two benches are set up in the toilet for people to take some rest.
You’re probably not fond of the usually dirty and smelly public toilets in many cities in China, but now at least you’ll be able to find some nice ones if you're in Xiamen. The coastal city, which is famous for its natural beauty and garden-like environment, has come up with a new way to keep public toilets clean and comfortable: star-rating them.

According to the Chinese-language Strait Herald, the city had star-rated 77 public toilets by the end of July, and 37 were rated as five-star in the first batch.

These public toilets are nicely built and, more importantly, well-maintained. If they weren’t, why would some retired elderly people choose to play Chinese chess in them!

Ma, administrator of a five-star public toilet near the scenic Yundang Lake, told a reporter that all the men's urinals there are auto-flushing, and sitting toilets, instead of squatting toilets, are on offer.

Strict rules are set for five-star public toilets, Ma said. All washroom facilities should be clean and odour-free, and the floor should be free of paper scraps, cigarette butts and other unpleasant detritus. No mosquitoes, flies, maggots or spider webs should be in the toilet.

Casual inspections are carried out, along with mandatory quarterly ones, and if a toilet should fail the checks two consecutive times, it will be downgraded and the administrator will be fined, Ma said.

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daveartistic Commented on 07 Aug 2012
i salute you for a introducing "class" public toilet but i was hoping a touch of xiamen not another colonial european style. isn't it obvious we are in asian country not to say i hate colonial style but this is asia and i wish even in xiamen alone or all of the public buildings will have a sense asian or oriental class. take note oriental style is also one of the most outstanding design. please i beg you be proud of your roots chinese design is one of the most renown design in all around the world. where is the beef? hahahhahahah
alexynne Commented on 06 Aug 2012
Looks like a mausoleum :P

I just hope people will learn to keep this place clean by not throwing rubbish or SPIT anywhere because they know there are caretakers around to clean their mess.