Fujianese fishermen earns US$470K for rare 'Gold fish' he 'picked up'

Updated: 21 Aug 2012
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The Chinese bahaba, a rare fish caught by a Fujianese fishermen. The monetary value of the fish has earned it the name of "Gold fish." (Internet Photo) 

Chinese bahaba caught by Fujianese fishermen. (File Photo/CFP)
A poor fisherman in Fujian has made a fortune from a rare fish he caught in the sea on Aug 14. The fish has been bought by a fishmonger at the price of 3 million yuan (US$470,000), reported Fujian-based news website Haidu.

The old and poor fisherman actually "picked up" the fish when he found it floating on the surface of the sea. When he brought it back to the town, many people came out to see the 80kg behemoth that he had lugged back. To the fisherman's surprise, fishmongers starting bidding incredible amounts for the fish when they identified it as a Chinese bahaba, a valuable fish that is compared to gold in the fish market.

The fish was eventually sold to a fishmonger that paid the fisherman at the price of 40,000 yuan (US$6,200) per kilogram. The fisherman has earned 3 million yuan for the fish and can now afford a bigger boat to replace his small one.

The fish, sometimes found off the coast of China, is listed as an endangered fish by the country. Its outrageously high price in the market is owed to its value in Chinese medicine, as its bladder can be used to cure diseases related to the lungs and heart. 
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alexynne Commented on 23 Aug 2012
I smell something fishy.... :P
ChinaTopCat Commented on 23 Aug 2012
Also this fish is on the "Critically endangered species" list and is illegal to fish in China. HHHmmmmmmmmmmmm what's going on here?
ChinaTopCat Commented on 23 Aug 2012
I hate to say it butttttttttt...the article reads...if he "picked up a fish floating on the surface" it was probably already dead. andddddddd selling a dead fish is not too cooooool. Pfftttttttttttttttttttt.