Xiamen moviegoer blames 'unsterilized' 3D glasses for his inflamed eyes

Updated: 02 Jan 2013
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inflamed eyes
Mr. Chen allegedly suffered acute keratit after watching a 3D film in a Xiamen cinema.
A Xiamen resident has allegedly suffered acute keratitis after watching a 3D film in a cinema in Xiamen recently.

The moviegoer surnamed Chen, who was with his wife and other 2 friends, enjoyed a 3D movie at Tong'an Movie Theatre on 31st December, 2012, but later suffered from inflamed and sore eyes.

Chen went to hospital accompanied by staff from the movie theatre afterwards. The doctor said that he had suffered acute keratitis, a contagious disease, which may have been caused by the 3D glasses.

According to the Tong'an Movie Theatre, the reusable 3D glasses offered are always disinfected with ultraviolet radiation in a manner that meets standards.

Xiamen Tong’an Health Supervision Bureau is carrying out a sanitary inspection on the 3D glasses in the movie theatre.
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stuntmansolly Commented on 02 Jan 2013
Perhaps he had "I'mapatheticratitis".

Common in these parts.