Beggars at busy traffic lights irritate the public in Xiamen

Updated: 02 Jan 2013
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A beggar seen at the traffic light near Huaqiao Haijingcheng
A new breed of beggars are cornering hapless motorists at busy traffic light junctions in Xiamen, causing unease for local citizens.

These beggars approach car drivers who stop at red lights and knock at the window to ask for money. They aren’t persistent and usually don’t stop at a car for over 20 seconds. If the driver refuses to give them money, they change targets immediately.

"The traffic is bad and they make it worse. I always take several minutes to cross a traffic light for fear of hitting them.” a driver complained. And another driver said: “They’re not really poor. They are professional beggars and preying on people's kindness for easy income.”

The Xiamen government has launched a campaign targeting beggars at traffic lights this year. Police officials also have strengthened patrols on busy intersections to stamp out these practices. However, the number of such beggars is still climbing this season.

According to Mr. Zhong Jikun, the vice administrator of Xiamen Relief Station, most of the beggars come from Gansu Province in Northwest China. Since 2009, these beggars have started to flood into Xiamen in December and they do not leave until Spring Festival. “This is the high season for beggars, because the busy farming season has ended and the weather is getting cold in their hometown. These unemployed farmers then head to southern cities like Xiamen to make some easy money.” said Mr. Zhong.
SOURCE: WOX News by Anini
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TheHumanFly Commented on 09 Feb 2016
This illegal activity by homeless persons in Xiamen city can damage the exterior of high end cars, of which there are many in the city. Why the authorities allow this to continue only shows a lack of leadership in important positions. These folks seem willing to work at meaning jobs so why not provide them with activities that will greatest a small income for them and benefit the city?
Canada Commented on 04 Feb 2016
They are all fake and working in a group...give them nothing.
marlenechip Commented on 29 Jan 2016
If the City Hall installs quality traffic light systems in the entire city, the traffic jams will be history and the traffic flows will be lighter. Also, the one who is responsible with the road administration should order a few superior portable traffic signals to use them only if it is necessary, for instance, when a road is closed or it is repaired.