Cumbersome procedures become bottleneck for yacht industry in Xiamen

Updated: 10 Jan 2013
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Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Yacht Dock
Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Yacht Dock
According to the Xiamen Yachting Industry Association, the city’s yacht manufacturing has seen US$48 million exports, accounting for almost 33% of the total figure in China.

Unlike the flourishing yacht manufacturing sector, yacht sailing has become a bottleneck for the whole yacht industry in the city due to its cumbersome procedures.

With a lack of complete integrated policies and regulations for yachting management in China, the current yachting management has to conform to shipping policies and regulations. The cumbersome procedures have put a cold chill on yachting enthusiasts in the city, thus making the more than 200 yachts berthed in the Wuyuan Bay Yacht Dock almost docked “ornaments” year round, according to the Xiamen Road & Bridge Yachts Development Co.

Xiamen has vigorously pushed forward its yacht industry in recent years with the use of the Xiamen Xiangshan International Yacht Club and Wuyuan Bay Yacht Dock. Now it plans to build 5 to 6 yacht docks to drive a new wave of growth in its yacht industry. The city is looking to become China’s second province (after Hainan) to customize its own policies and regulations for the industry.

Meanwhile, Xiamen mulls over launching various yachting routes including round-the-city routes in combination with its regular cruise routes, as part of an effort to enrich its yachting tourism resources.

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NickDanger Commented on 20 Jan 2013
Look before you leap.
petebeatstreet Commented on 10 Jan 2013
I own a million dollar yacht, bought with dirty money.

But now I can't sail it. Sob sob..