'It feels great to be a man' says China's 1st openly transsexual man

Updated: 15 Jan 2013
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 transsexual man
China's first openly transsexual man Geng Zi returned to Xiamen where he had the sex reassignment operation in March, 2005.
transsexual man
Geng Zi has legally became a man one year after the sex reassignment operation.
"It feels great to be a man and I’d never regret having the sex change treatment,” said China’s first openly female-to-male transsexual person seven years after his operation.

38-year-old Geng Zi, from Ningxia, was born a woman - Geng Lanjun.

In March, 2005, he had a mastectomy and had his vagina, uterus and other female sexual organs surgically removed at Xiamen’s Zhongshan Hospital. He legally became a man one year later.

Geng Zi said he spent nearly 14 years trying to convince his parents that he was trapped within a body of the wrong sex.

His ‘boyish’ new name was given by his parents and his little nieces and nephews were happy to call him uncle instead of auntie.

The then fashion designer left Xiamen where he lived for 5 years and moved to Shenzhen. He has had a successful career that spanned copy writer, strategy manager, scheming director and finally creative director in advertising agencies.

But Geng Zi’s relationships are not as smooth as his work. It’s difficult to find a girl who can completely accept who he is. A girl who he liked and had several dates with disappeared from his life after he admitted that he was a transsexual man.

Geng Zi is still hoping to find a girl to set up a family and live the same way as anyone else
SOURCE: WOX Team by Ray Zh 
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Button Commented on 15 Jan 2013
Good for him.
I hope we hear more cases like this, where the family seem to be accepting of his choices.