Top search terms at porn sites by countries revealed: Americans favor 'MILF'

Updated: 14 Mar 2013
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A country by country list of top search terms used at pornography websites has revealed vastly different preferences among individual nations when it comes to surfing the net behind closed doors. 
From the man caves of Malaysia to the laptops of Libya the unusual and often disturbing tastes of porn fans around the world have been laid well and truly bare. 
While in North America the preferred search term is 'MILF', (an acronym of which the first word is 'mother'), in Europe there is appears to be a strong national bias. 
Britain, Norway, Sweden, France, Italy, Greece, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands are porno patriots preferring to search for women or men from their own countries. 
But then you get to Finland where there seems to be is a preference for senior citizens with 'mature' and 'granny' the top two search terms respectively, while in Hungary the term 'woodman' rates highly. 
Things start to get peculiar when you hit the Ukraine where 'raincoat (gay)' is the top search, before becoming hugely disturbing in Romania where 'mom and son' is the most popular term. 
But it is in Asia and the Middle East that things really start to get weird. 
In Syria, where you might imagine people have little time for porn considering recent events, the preferred search is 'Aunt' while in Iran the peculiar term 'hotel businessman (gay)' is riding high at no.6.
In North America, where internet porn is a billion dollar business and the majority of adult sites are based, tastes appear to vary wildly from state to state. 
In the southern states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina 'Ebony' is the most popular term used. 

Porn tastes: The most popular searches for porn - broken down here to the top three searches by country - reveal most Europeans want films made in their own country 

Smutsville: In North America, where internet porn is a billion dollar business and the majority of adult sites are based, tastes appear to vary wildly from state to state
Porn users in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Indiana, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, South Dakota, Maine, Missouri and Oregon prefer 'Teen'. 
Meanwhile Californians like 'Asian', in Vermont it's 'lesbian' while Kentucky bucks the trend with 'free gay porn'. 
The rugged ideal of the buff, beer-swilling Australian male appears hard to resist too with 'aussie (gay)' the top search term down under. 
And in Peru it would appear straight men have little time for internet porn with all of the top 10 searches being gay terms. 
Peculiarities: Iranians are fond of using the term 'hotel businessman' while in Hungary 'woodman' is popular   

Secret surfing: A leading pornography search engine has revealed the most popular search terms from around the world
The prominence of gay search terms is a trait that is repeated across south America - perhaps due to religion - although like Europe there appears to be a bias towards searches for people of their own nationalities. 
Venezuela throws up a curiosity, where almost all the to searches are for gay terms except for two vintage American porno Stars - Nina Hartley and Mason Storm. 
The list was compiled by pornography search engine PORNMD which has created an interactive global map where you can check the top searches on your country or U.S. state.
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