Wanda Plaza creates jobs & eases employment pressure in Huli district

Updated: 22 Mar 2013
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Employment is one of the most fundamental and important issues which requires urgent attention and careful handling in the modern world. It has a vital bearing on people’s livelihoods as jobs are almost a fundamental prerequisite for a prosperous life and the best way people can improve their lives.

With the acceleration of the city’s development and urbanization over the years, a large surplus of laborers has been seen in Xiamen. The construction of the Wanda Plaza in Huli district was expected to revitalize the area and its surroundings, actively improve the local employment situation and meet local people’s need for employment.

Opened on 2nd September, 2011, Xiamen Huli Wanda Plaza is home to a VAN’s Department Store, Wal-Mart Wanda store, Gome Electric Appliances store, and many other international brands, making it a big job generator for the district. According to reports, the official opening of Huli Wanda Plaza has created nearly 10,000 new jobs for skilled and unskilled personnel in Xiamen, which has greatly eased the local employment pressure.

In the construction phase that started on 7th May, 2010, and continued until the end of the following year, the plaza created many temporary jobs for both casual laborers and skilled experts on the construction site. And the completion of the construction led to the creation of up to 10,000 jobs.

As an up-and-coming commercial plaza in the city, the opening of Xiamen Huli Wanda Plaza is of great strategic significance for Xiamen’s economic development. It has been a great success in the city, attracting a fantastic number of jobs and business. The positive economic impact is expected to bring further investment to the area which will create even more new jobs for local people.
SOURCE: WOX news by Jane Ruan 
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