Wallet vendor's 'emotional' sales pitch amuses netizens

Updated: 28 Mar 2013
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"Leather factory bankrupted. The jerk boss fled with his sister-in-law with debts of up to 35 million yuan. We have no choice but to sell the stocked wallets to get payment. The original price was…” This 'emotional’ pitch by a wallet vendor near Huli Wanda Plaza has drawn many people’s attention and left many very amused.

The hawker’s innovative advertisement was soon posted online and then went viral. “This is too funny! I couldn't help bursting out laughing when I heard it.” A netizen said. “It was quite a story. Very funny. The person who wrote this must be a ‘genius’!" commented another netizen.

According to reports, this “Jerk boss fled with his sister-in-law” advertisement has not only been seen in Xiamen but in many cities around China. It is reported that the advertisement was inspired by a real event. In 2011, the boss of Jiangnan Leather Factory fled during the Qingming Festival, leaving colossal amounts of money owed. However, the workers of the factory had been all been paid. Those vendors who claimed they were workers of Jiangnan Leather Factory just used it as a sales gimmick.
SOURCE: WOX News by Anini
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Canada Commented on 02 Apr 2013
i am sure it will work
SpeculativeBubble Commented on 02 Apr 2013
I have to admit that it is a clever way to advertise and sell.