Xiamen Huli Wanda Plaza introduces Intelligent Parking Assist System

Updated: 30 Mar 2013
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Xiamen Huli Wanda Plaza
Xiamen Huli Wanda Plaza
As an emerging shopping hub in Xiamen, Huli Wanda Plaza has seen a surging number of shoppers since its opening on 2nd September, 2011.

Since there are still very few bus routes to the Huli Wanda Plaza, most shoppers who own cars prefer to drive there instead of taking a bus. Though it has 1,221 underground parking spaces, the plaza has faced parking problems due to the increasing number of vehicles.

To solve the parking problems, the Huli Wanda Plaza has introduced an Intelligent Parking Assist System, also known as the Advanced Parking Guidance System (APGS), which is an automatic car parking system technology that helps drivers park their vehicles.

The intelligent service-oriented parking system is comprised of a video toll collection system and a parking lot car finder, and aims to provide a one-stop parking service for customers.

Equipped with high-definition cameras, the video toll collection system is based on a vehicle recognition system. Instead of swiping cards on entrance and exit, license plate numbers will be caught on the high-definition cameras and recorded in the parking information system when a car enters the parking lot. And the parking time and parking fee will be automatically calculated under the video toll collection system when the license plate number of the car is caught on the cameras near the exit.

Meanwhile, the parking lot car finder is a good solution to help customers quickly and easily find their parked cars. Car-owners can easily find their parked cars with the help of the car finder, which will automatically locate cars once the car-owners enter their license plate number.
SOURCE: WOX News by Sarah Wu
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