2-day spring fashion show held at Xiamen's Huli Wanda Plaza

Updated: 01 Apr 2013
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A wonderful spring fashion show at Wanda Plaza in Xiamen’s Huli District kicked off on 17th March. The two-day fashion event featured a number of the world’s top fashion brands such as NAUTICA, Esprit, Five Plus, MANGO, Paul Frank, Peach Bird etc.

The eye-catching show attracted more than 3,000 visitors while the models on the runway, dressed in the latest and greatest fashion apparel, ended the last night of the event with a bang.

NAUTICA is a modern American classic that offers high-quality and well-designed clothing. Its new arrivals feature conservative yet feminine tops, which capture the essence of an active, adventurous and spirited lifestyle, and will give women a glow every day.
Espirit Espirit

Esprit is an international fashion brand that has been bringing style and quality to life since 1968. Esprit’s spring collection 2013 provides ladies with a creative way to wear the sophisticated color palette, and is fused with a sunny Californian attitude.
GXG Mango

Five Plus is another fashion brand created by Trendy International Group after Ochirly. An enchanting femininity swept the runway after the girls of Five Plus showed up - their sexy and secret lace prints adding a sweet touch to their seductive high heels.

GXG was established at the end of 1970’s in France. It specializes in high quality leisure apparel for young men aged from 20-35. GXG embodies freedom and fashion with unique cuts and delicate elements such as buttons, zippers, embroidery and prints.

MANGO is a famous international fashion label which designs, manufactures and markets women’s and men’s clothing and accessories. MANGO stands out for its black and white patterns, which can be traced back to the catwalks of the 1960s, and are being introduced as one of spring 2013′s biggest fashion trends.

SOURCE: WOX News by Catherine Chou

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