Changing foreign cash or international currency at Apple Travel

Updated: 08 May 2013
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Good news for foreign cash holders.

There is a new service available to foreign cash holders. Cash no longer has to be changed at state banks which in many cases are more expensive and time consuming.

Those who hold foreign cash can now change it at Apple Travel, a totally legal channel for foreign cash holders to change their foreign currencies in cash form.

China has recently approved and issued a permit for money changers for foreign cash conversion. Currency exchange in terms of hard cash or currency notes outside state banks is now a possibility in China. The outlet at Apple Travel is one of the first few state-accredited money changers in China.

12 world currencies which are readily convertible at Apple Travel are:
1. US dollar
2. Australian dollar
3. British pound
4. Canadian dollar
5. Euro
6. Hong Kong dollar
7. Japanese yen
8. Malaysian ringgit 
9. New Taiwan dollar
10. Singapore dollar
11. Swiss franc
12. Thai baht

Changing money and cash conversion is safe, direct, fast and reliable, and best of all the rates are usually better than the banks. 
How to get to Apple Travel

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Shop20, Guanren Road,
Xiamen, China. Postcode:361006
Phone: 400 885 8807 / +86-592-5053122
Fax: 86-592-5052948

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