Zhangzhou schoolgirl scalded after teacher throws boiling noodles over her

Updated: 06 Jun 2013
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A 15-year-old Zhangzhou schoolgirl, who was kept in after school for bad exam results, suffered slight burn wounds to her waist after her teacher threw a box of boiling instant noodles on her for sneaking out to buy lunch without her permission.

The middle school student Cai Zhang Ni and a dozen of her classmates were required to stay behind at their school in Longhai city, a county-level city under the administration of Zhangzhou, on 31st May by their English teacher Gao Yu Qiong for their bad performances in a recent exam.

Cai said they sneaked out to buy lunch after the teacher left. But Cai and another girl were caught by their teacher when they were eating their instant noodles on the way back to the classroom.

The angry teacher demanded they hand over the instant noodles. Cai said the teacher knocked away the other girl’s instant noodles with a bamboo stick, and threw her instant noodles on her. 

"We were all scared. Although I felt my back was burnt, I dared not say anything,” said Cai. The teacher then asked them to stand in the corner for half an hour as punishment.

Cai got back to her dorm to change her clothes immediately after her teacher left, but she found her waist and back had been blistered. She was sent to the hospital by another teacher.

Mrs. Gao explained that she was very angry at that time and just wanted to throw the instant noodles away. “The student dodged when I threw the instant noodles away and was sprayed by the hot water,” Gao said, “She didn’t report the burn to me, and I didn’t know she was seriously scalded in the accident.”

Gao has apologized to the student and paid for her medical expenses.

The school said they have requested the teacher to apologize and make a written review of the accident, and will strengthen the management of teachers and improve their teaching methods to prevent such incidents in the future. 
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NickDanger Commented on 07 Jun 2013
Martin good one;

Thumb screws, the iron maiden, and an old English favorite, Hung by the neck until near death, disemboweled and then cut into four pieces. Head on a pike in the Liu Jiang River by the HaiChiang bridge. People would then think twice.
NickDanger Commented on 07 Jun 2013
Being punished for bad test results. Oh those bad students eating in the classroom, Netizens will be able to find this teacher thanks for the location in Longhai City. Maybe someone will have the Calzones to punish the teacher...........The parents were probably required to pay for damage to the school for cleaning the noodles off the floor and the students medical bills. Not to mention she is a beautifull 15 year old girl who is scared for life. One bullet to the back of the head is too good for this scurge on society!!!!
JianBin Commented on 06 Jun 2013
Those kind of people are not supposed to be teachers...