Xiamen Golden Dragon shows off 'smart school bus' that can count heads

Updated: 04 Sep 2013
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The Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co. , Ltd recently demonstrated a new ‘smart school bus’ that can automatically count heads when students get on and off the bus to prevent problems such as overloading or driving away unaware of sleeping students.

As the new semester begins, students’ safety problems on the roads have once again become a hot topic after a recent accident in Henan Province. On 29th August, a three-year old kindergarten student surnamed Wu was forgotten in a school bus in the morning and found later dead from suffocation in the afternoon at Chaochao kindergarten in Yanling County.

The new Golden Dragon ‘smart school bus’ is specially designed to prevent such tragedies. The intelligent counting system on the bus will count how many children got on the bus and remind the driver if someone is forgotten on the bus. 
The 10m school bus also features a forward protruding ‘long nose’ design, which crumples in crashes absorbing the impact, and therefore affords those on the bus far more protection in the event of head-on collisions. 
The bus also includes a remote seatbelt-unlocking system and automatic window-cracking devices which will allow the driver to unfasten seatbelts and smash the bus' windows with the press of a button in case of an emergency.

An intelligent management system and a GPS positioning system are also installed on the bus so that the school and parents can monitor the speed, location, and other details of the bus in real time.

The leading Xiamen-based bus maker, Xiamen Golden Dragon have been dedicated to developing safer school buses for years. They can now offer five types of school bus with lengths ranging from 6 meters to 10 meters and 24 to 62 seats. 
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