Xiamen Metro Line 1 to bypass Zhongshan Road old town area

Updated: 25 Oct 2013
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Xiamen Zhongshan Road
The planned Xiamen Metro Line 1 will bypass the Zhongshan Road old town area to better protect the historical architecture in the area, according to a report drawn up by Zhao Yanjing, director of the Xiamen Urban Planning Bureau at a government meeting held on Wednesday.

The municipal government has designated protected old town areas on the island and clearly stated that large-scale demolition and renovation projects are prohibited in those areas, said Mr. Zhao Yanjing.

The route planning of the Xiamen Metro Line 1 has also been adjusted to protect the historical architecture in the area, Zhao said. According to earlier reports, the starting stop of the Metro Line 1 on Xiamen Island has been selected as Zhenhai Road.

The line will stretch 31.7km, taking in Siming District, Huli District and Jimei District, and end at Xiamen North Railway Station. Construction is expected to start this year, and it will begin operating within 5 years.

Zhao said the bureau has also set limits on the heights of buildings on Xiamen Island. The height of buildings in the Huangcuo area along Huandao Road must be below 15m, and those in Zeng Cuo An area below 24m. With the exception of designated high-rise building areas, the buildings in other areas must be below 50m in height.

Zhao also revealed that with the exception of the already built torch park and aviation industrial park, no other new industrial parks will be set up on Xiamen Island. Cross-province trains, regular trains and cargo trains will be relocated to Xiamen North Railway Station, and the Gaoqi Station will be transformed into another railway transportation hub on Xiamen Island. Some of the municipal administrative functions, scientific research and educational functions will also be relocated to mainland districts. 
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SpeculativeBubble Commented on 29 Oct 2013
Xiamen is changing rapidly, as many major cities in China. When will the people start to change? When will the drivers learn how to drive? When will the officials learn how to control traffic effectively? When will the locals stop pissing/defecating in the middle of the street?