Father of Xiada and Jimei University - Tan Kah Kee’s timeline

Updated: 08 Apr 2008
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1874 – Born in Jimei, Xiamen, Fujiang Province, China, to businessman Tan Kee Peck.


1890 – Received a letter from his father to help in the latter’s wholesale rice business in Singapore.


1893 – Returned to Jimei to marry Zhang Shi.


1898 – Returned to Jimei because of his mother’s death.


1910 – Joined the league for Chinese revolution, assumed capacity as assistant head of Singapore’s Chinese Chamber of Commerce and raised 50,000 yuan from overseas Chinese born in Fujian, for education.


1912 – Returned to Jimei to set up Jimei Primary School.


1919 – Returned to his hometown to establish Xiamen University.


1921 – Xiamen University opened.


1924 – Established Nanyang Siang Pau (Malaysia’s major Chinese-medium newspaper) in Singapore.


1926 – Faced financial crisis but he continued to pump in funds for Xiamen University and Jimei schools as well other schools in Singapore.


1941 – Led an association comprising overseas Chinese to fight against the Japanese Occupation.


1942 – Fled to Java to escape from Japanese attacks, and wrote Memoir of an Overseas Chinese, and Housing and Hygiene.


1945 – Returned to Singapore after the exile in Java.


1947 – Established Jiyou Bank in Hong Kong to ensure the institutions set up by overseas Chinese would be financially self-reliant.


1949 – Welcomed back to China by Chinese Government and served in the national Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee.


1950 – Visited Singapore and Malaya for the last time before settling in his hometown Jimei.


1959 – Set up Overseas Chinese Museum in Xiamen.


1961 – Died of cancer in Beijing. His body was buried in Ao Yuan Garden in Jimei.


SOURCE: The Star

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