2013 China (Xiamen) Int'l Boat Show to kick off in Wuyuan Bay this Friday

Updated: 06 Nov 2013
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China (Xiamen) International Boat Show (CXIBS) 2013
Yachts and boats you are likely to come across at the show: Ferretti 800 (Left) and Azimut 64-feet Yacht (Right)
Sessa FLY54 (Left) and Yihong Arethusa 95-feet Superyacht (Right)
The 2013 China (Xiamen) International Boat Show (CXIBS), one of the largest boat shows in China, will kick off at the Xiamen Marina in Wuyuan Bay this Friday.

CXIBS has been successfully held five times. It always provides a wonderful experience for both the boat industry and consumers alike. The excellent environment and innovative exhibition modes have garnered attention from those in the boat industry, service industry, consumers and experts both at home and abroad and many famous brands have now been attracted to the Chinese market as a result.

Xiamen Marina boasts one of the largest maritime boat exhibitions in all of China, with its large 300-berth capacity. There will be three sections to the show. The indoor section, in Blocks 4 to 6 of Xiamen Marina and covering some 5,000 square metres will house exhibits of technical equipment and a yacht club. The outdoor area, located at the Coastal Square in the Xiamen Marina and covering 20,000 square metres, will showcase yachts, sailing boats, parts and services. The on-water area, with its 351 berths covering a total of 30,000 square metres, will be dedicated to sailing boats, yachts and test drives of some of the boats on display.

The show is being organized by the China Association of the National Shipbuilding Association (CANSI). Besides the boat exhibits, there will also be high-end luxury branded goods on display including helicopters and cars, amongst others. There will also be a bonded warehouse for storage of professional equipment.

A total of 160 exhibitors, including 20 overseas exhibitors, will participate in this year’s event. More than 300 yachts and boats of all sizes from nearly 400 brands will debut in Wuyuan Bay during the boat feast between November 8th and 11th this year.

Here are the top 10 things you cannot miss at this year's show:

1. The well-known Feedship 150 super yacht BLUESKY will be on display

There will be 300 plus luxury yachts on Xiamen Marina during CXIBS 2013. Currently, Ferretti 80-ft, Ferretti 84-ft, AZIMUT 64-ft, AZIMUT 72-ft and Feedship 150 super yacht and other super yachts brand Like Sunseeker, Princess, Lagoon, Beneteau, Sunreef, Jeanneau, Regal, Sessa, Majesty, Brunswick, Absolute、Sealine, Rodman have been determined to be exhibited in the Show .

2. High-end Brands Gathering Car, Yacht and Upmarket Showed

CXIBS 2013 will gather all kinds of high-end and luxurious brands. Through this show, the best cars, luxury yachts, airplanes, real estate projects and luxurious upmarkets will be shown in Xiamen, so as to fully present the distinctive styles, charms and highlights of the luxury goods world and directly promote luxury to all-around experience through activities.

3. Superyachts Trial, experience the life of the billionaire

Want to live like a billionaire? You don’t have to charter a superyacht for experience.

CXIBS 2013 will provide a Superyachts Trial for people who have registered. Just enjoy the charming scenery of this city by the yacht.

4. Yacht Babe Competition

Attractive and sexy girls is a must at this luxury event .The Yacht Babe Competition will be held at this show and a huge sexy yacht babe group will make a splashy appearance. This competition is a favorite for photographers.

5. Owners' day held by Azimut

Azimut Yachts have announced that they will be hosting a special owners’ meeting at this year's China (Xiamen) International Boat Show 2013, and Giovanna Vitelli, the daughter of the founder of the company, Poalo Vitelli, will spearhead the event. Considerable effort has been made developing Xiamen and surrounding areas in Fujian province into one of the leading yachting markets in mainland China. As Giovanna Vitelli put it: “China is a very important market for global strategy development and since the Xiamen show is one of the most influential shows in China, we have decided to hold the event there.”

6. Matchmaking Meeting

During the show, the Organizing Committee will hold a matchmaking meeting for domestic and overseas enterprises, providing a communication and exhibition platform for the overseas enterprises to help them gain the attention of Chinese enterprises and thus promote the building of cooperation between them. Overseas enterprises are welcome to register for this meeting.

7. The 9th China Club Cup Sailing Boat Competition

The 9th China Club Cup Sailing Boat Competition is organized by the Sailing and Windsurfing Sssociation of China, the Xiamen government, and the Huli district government, gathering different regional domestic yacht and sailing clubs and gathering players from all over the world including China, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, France, the United States and other countries and regions to gather together to present a wonderful competition.

8. Mystery guest appearance

A number of "top" China's rich and "A line" entertainment stars will make a surprise appearance and show you a fabulous program. What’s more, giant international figures will also show up.

9. Xiamen-flavored snacks & gifts

Xiamen is also famous for its delicious snacks. Shacha noodles, Worm Jelly, Scallion meters fruit, carbonado, zongzi, etc. Besides, Xiamen green bean pie has long enjoyed a good reputation and is a good choice for visitors to buy as gifts. Different flavors of pies such as green tea, pineapple, and pork can meet different people’s tastes.

10. Pleasure resorts

If you have enough time, you must have a visit to Gulang Island, which is often called the most romantic island. The blooming flowers, flourishing trees and beautiful scenery wins Gulang Island the name “Garden on the Sea”. You can enjoy the beauty of Gulangyu’s rows of old houses, beautiful harbour scenery, unique shops, and local people.

Also, you can go to Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park which inhabits eighty-two different kinds of birds. You can also fish in the natural lake at Wetland Park, a place many fishing enthusiasts aspire to visit. 
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