Xiamen University to offer deep sea diving course next semester

Updated: 25 Dec 2013
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Xiamen University will introduce a new course next semester, and this time, rather than teach students how to "move smoothly among the trees", the university will train students how to dive in the sea.

An official at the university has recently confirmed to a daily that next semester they will offer a diving course to teach students how to dive and conduct underwater archaeological study, marine ecology study and other scientific research.

The new course will open to students from the College of Ocean & Earth Sciences and the College of Environment & Ecology of Xiamen University at its Xiang’an campus next semester. The course will accept only 20 students in the first semester, with requirements for the applicants’ swimming skills: Boys should be able to swim continuously for 400m while girls should be able to swim 200m.

Students will have the classes in indoor swimming pools first, and then at a diving training center in nearby Zhangzhou’s Dongshan County where the university is building a coastal climate and environmental observatory.

The university has made bold attempts to introduce new physical education courses in recent years, including a golf course in 2005 and a tree climbing course in 2012, with both triggering heated debate and criticism on the internet, yet they both proved to be very popular among the students. 
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