New couples required to pay for taking wedding photos in Haiwan Park

Updated: 25 Dec 2013
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Haiwan Park
Haiwan Park launched a price list for commercial activities undertaken in the park.
With a beautiful panoramic sea view, Haiwan Park has attracted a lot of tourists and citizens in Xiamen City. More and more couples have been choosing to take their wedding photos in this park.

However, according to a management regulation for Haiwan Park, couples who want to take wedding photos in the park will be charged RMB 300 for their less-than-three-hour photographic activities.

"Haiwan Park is a recreational park for citizens to relax in. Commercial activities should be limited in order to protect its landscape and atmosphere. The fee charged for the activities will be used to maintain the beautiful park,” said a staff from the management office of Haiwan Park.

Nevertheless, most citizens believed it unreasonable to charge new couples for taking wedding pictures in Haiwan Park. The new regulation has sparked a heated debate.
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