'Mountain mirage' snapped above Gulangyu as Xiamen carpeted in fog

Updated: 08 Feb 2014
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A stunning mirage depicting a ghostly mountain was seen above the scenic Gulangyu Island on Thursday. Photos taken by the tourists went viral on the internet and many were amazed by the rare meteorological phenomenon. 
A magical fog covered Xiamen on Thursday afternoon, making the city appear like a fairy city on the sea.

The fog lingered over the city, especially the coastal parts, turning the city into a magical fairyland, which resembled the Abode of Immortals on the sea described in Chinese legends.

Many people who just returned to the city after the Spring Festival holiday joked that the spectacular phenomenon was a greeting to their return to the city and a blessing for the New Year.

Meteorological experts said that the phenomenon was caused by advection fog, which occurs when moist air passes over a cool surface by advection (wind) and is cooled, causing clouds to hang over the city.

Xiamen sees most of its cloudy weather in winter and spring, a period when mirages and other rare meteorological phenomenon can be seen. 
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