Passenger fined RMB500 for smoking on Shenzhen-Xiamen bullet train

Updated: 06 Mar 2014
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A male passenger was fined RMB 500 (US $82) for smoking on a Shenzhen-Xiamen bullet train on Monday, posing safety risks to the fast-moving train, reports Strait Herald.

The D2328 bullet train from Shenzhen North to Xiamen North was forced to slow down while traveling in Zhangzhou as the smoke generated by the passenger surnamed Li, who hid in the bathroom to smoke a cigarette, triggered the smoke alarm on the train.

Li was transferred to the police station at the Xiamen North Railway Station and was fined RMB 500 (US $82) for violating railway safety management regulations.

The police warned that smoking is banned on bullet trains, and that passengers caught violating the rule could be fined from RMB 500 to 2,000 according to China’s railway safety management regulations. 
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kingdongping Commented on 06 Mar 2014
Nice one.
Canada Commented on 06 Mar 2014
haha finally