Woman discovers two pieces of suspected ambergris on Xiamen beach

Updated: 17 Jun 2014
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In early June this year, a man discovered a clump of ambergris, which was estimated at a value of over 1 million yuan, on Guanyinshan beach, and on June 16th two more pieces of suspected ambergris were found on the same beach by a local woman, according to

The woman, surnamed Zhou, was taking a stroll on the beach and spotted these two pieces of ugly “stone”. They attracted her attention due to their likeness to the ambergris recently reported in the news as being found on the same beach.

She brought her findings to Mr. Chen, the owner of a spice company in Haicang district who discovered a clump of the rare ambergris early this June. Mr. Chen said the rocks found by Ms. Zhou were 100% true ambergris.

However, experts are saying a further examination will be needed before making a conclusion.

It’s quite amazing that so many pieces of ambergris were found on Xiamen’s beaches in such a short period of time. According to scientific research, Xiamen is among the few places with a high occurrence of ambergris, as the sperm whales, which produce the rare ambergris, are found mostly in the area between the Strait of Malacca and the Taiwan Strait.

Ambergris is dubbed as “floating gold”. The spewed up ambergris, which is usually seen floating on water, has been highly prized for centuries. It can float for years undiscovered, gradually hardening and developing its distinctive odor. Then, masses of it are usually washed up on beaches in small-, fist- or football-sized clumps. As the substance ages, it acquires a musky fragrance, but newer ambergris is known to be rather foul smelling.
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