Arcade buildings on Xiamen's Zhongshan Road to be restored

Updated: 25 Oct 2014
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As extra-special examples of Xiamen architecture, arcade buildings are preserved very well in the city. The architectural style commonly seen in the city was introduced into Xiamen from Southeast Asia.

In the process of urbanization, arcade buildings have faded away in the cities of south China. But Zhongshan Road, the nearly 100-year-old street which is mostly made up of arcade buildings, is a true hub of business activity and a special landmark for the city of Xiamen.

Walking under the arcade buildings, you can find the most authentic Xiamen. The small tea tables in front of the shops, the elderly people sitting against the pillars, and the small colorful wares blend together into the perfect picture of peaceful Xiamen life.

According to reports, the arcade buildings along Zhongshan Road are expected to be restored and the city will take measures to continue protecting them in the future.
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TheHumanFly Commented on 26 Oct 2014
And you can't restore a building by putting some pretty facade on the outside. You have to get to the basic structure to re enforce the "backbone" of the building or they still will collapse. Just eye candy.
W00ki33 Commented on 25 Oct 2014
This is the biggest crock of shit I've read in a while. Zhongshan Road is loud and crowded, not quiet and peaceful like this article is pretending. It is also filled with beggars.