Xiamen to resume air-conditioning services on buses on June 1

Updated: 19 May 2015
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According to the schedule released by the Xiamen Bus Group recently, the air-conditioning services on conventional public buses will be resumed on 1st June. Considering weather variations in the city, bus drivers have the right to handle the air conditioning services by themselves to adjust temperatures in the buses. 
Xiamen's temperature has exceeded 30℃ in the past few days, and some transportation means in Xiamen, such as BRT buses and airport express lines, have turned on the air conditioning, while air-conditioning services on most of the conventional public buses in Xiamen haven't being resumed yet. 
According to the Xiamen Bus Group, all the buses in Xiamen are air-conditioned, and the resuming schedule is flexible, with drivers holding the right to turn on/off the air conditioning depending on the temperature and crowd levels in the bus. 
As in previous years, the air-conditioning services on buses will last until 30th September. 
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hewhobefree Commented on 19 May 2015
Exactly Dannis. Logic t it's finest.

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