Man spotted using bird as a toothpick in Fuzhou park

Updated: 26 May 2015
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This image of a Fuzhou man has gone viral online after he was inexplicably caught cleaning his teeth with a bird, reports China Daily. 
We've heard of keeping pet birds for companionship and conversation, yet this man discovered another use for his friendly fowl - because who pays for toothpicks? 
Clearly unperturbed by the bird flu scare of recent years, the man has somehow trained the bird to clean his teeth with its beak. 
Birds have left something of an impression in recent news and the man will want to be careful not to raise the ire of animal rights activists. Earlier this month, a Sichuan couple was pilloried after posting photos of hunting endangered birds with crossbows.
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cnn1009877 Commented on 23 Jul 2015
please remove this post ..
Mr Shelly Commented on 22 Jul 2015
This story is almost a month old... Time to update the news...
Penny_XM Commented on 26 May 2015
oh my god! HAHA
alexynne Commented on 26 May 2015
No need to brush his teeth :)))
Mr Shelly Commented on 26 May 2015
Is the bird really picking his teeth or did he put bird seed in his mouth...