Aussie man deported for planting marijuana in his Jiangsu apartment

Updated: 30 May 2015
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A 34-year-old Australian man living in Changshu, Jiangsu province was sent back Down Under on May 18 after he had been held in detention for 13 days on charges of growing illegal drugs and drug use.
The suspect, identified as David, was aware of China's stringent regulations on drugs, but still decided to go ahead and grow shitloads of marijuana in his rented house for his own consumption.
The man reportedly purchased a book about cultivating the greenery during a trip back to Australia. He purchased some seeds online and got to work turning the attic of his Changshu apartment into a glorious growing den.
Despite the unfavorable planting conditions in the space, he invested in several devices to help with the growth of the 28 leafy plants, including a Carbon dioxide generator, an ultraviolet lamp, a heat lamp and a ventilating fan.
David loved his marijuana plants. He told police that he played the sound of "birds' chirping" on repeat to stimulate the plants' growth, and that he spent almost three months nurturing them.
Cops confiscated two bags of marijuana seeds in a house raid after receiving a tipoff from a neighbor.
According to Li Duoyi, a police official, David had been in China for 14 years and was working as an English teacher in a Changshu training center.
In China, growing, selling and possessing marijuana are all illegal activities, but that hasn't stopped some people from testing out their green thumbs. In 2013, a 700 plant-strong indoor cannabis farm was raided in Shenzhen, leading to the arrest of seven people.
In more recent weed-related antics, Jaycee Chan, son of Jackie Chan, was sentenced to six months in jail for providing a venue at which to smoke the greenery. Months later, Jackie Chan was named Singapore's first celebrity anti-drug ambassador because the world makes no sense.
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martianxxx2003 Commented on 03 Jun 2015
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Mr Shelly Commented on 30 May 2015
but still decided to go ahead and grow shitloads of marijuana

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