More than 800 new-energy vehicles to hit the road in Xiamen this year

Updated: 06 Jun 2015
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More than 200 new-energy buses and over 600 new-energy cabs will hit the road in Xiamen by the end of this year, according to Mr. Zhang Shizhao, deputy director of Xiamen the Municipal Bureau of Economics and Informatization.
From last year till this April, the city introduced 237 new-energy vehicles used as buses, government vehicles, cabs and private cars.
Currently, the city has more than 30 new-energy private cars, and their owners are applying for subsidies on their new-energy car purchases. The subsidy can be up to 120,000 yuan for a new-energy private car purchase, according to Mr. Zhang.
The public transportation sector has taken the lead in promoting new-energy vehicles. The city has launched new-energy bus lines with 140 new-energy buses, and 40 plug-in hybrid electric buses will be introduced soon. By the end of this year, about 170 new-energy buses will be added.
The city currently has 60 plug-in hybrid electric cabs, and about 600 new-energy cabs will join the supply to serve passengers by the end of this year.
As one of the main supporting facilities for new-energy vehicle promotion, about 400 charging poles will be established in four parking areas for the new-energy cabs.
Charging stations will be set up in 11 bus stations, with 6 on Xiamen Island and 5 in outlying districts.
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TheHumanFly Commented on 07 Jun 2015
probably "New Energy" is the authors way of saying "Alternative Fuel". With a government subsidy like this I would be up for one. any tesla dealers around? I wonder how much my home electric bill would increase due to the charging at home. With a Tesla home battery and some solar panels just maybe driving these things would be very cost effective.