'Ruthless grandma' who beat up bus driver in Quanzhou jailed for 7 days

Updated: 06 Jul 2015
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The belligerent elderly woman who last week attacked a bus driver with her cane after she boarded the wrong bus finally received her comeuppance. A court in Quanzhou city, Fujian province yesterday found the woman, who we now know to be called Xin Yuzhen, guilty of causing a public disturbance. 
After getting on the wrong bus, Xin asked the driver to pull over and let her off. After refusing her request, stating that she couldn't just command a bus driver to pull over, she began hitting the bus doors with her cane before turning on the driver. 
Xin struck the driver several times with her cane, telling other passengers that it would be no use them calling the police. We can only assume that she must now be eating those words. 
According to The Paper, after the video of Xin assaulting the bus driver went viral, rumours began to circulate that the scathing condemnation of her behaviour had driven her to suicide. These rumours turned out to be false after journalists caught up with her. 
"Hitting people is wrong, but at the time I felt I had been wronged," said Xin. "Everyone is criticising me for attacking the driver. I know hitting him was wrong, but I thought that the driver was intentionally bullying me." 
Xin added that after realising the bus was going far from where she had intended to go, she got very nervous. "I can't walk that far. What takes other people 10 minutes to walk might take me an hour," she said.
The court fined Xin 200 yuan (around $30) and sentenced her to seven days in jail. Watch the bus driver's painful ordeal here:
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Voodoo Commented on 23 Sep 2015
I find most people in that age group to be ignorant and aggressive for no real reason..other than they think the world owes them a living.
even her excuse was pathetic, she thought he was bullying her.. busses have fixed routs, its not a taxi. They should have fined her 5000 and given her a month.. as a deterrent.. bus drivers are always exposed to this kind of bad behaviour..